Baystate Corvette Club

My name is Debbie and I grew up with an appreciation for corvettes mainly because my Father and Uncle were Corvette enthusiasts.  My uncle actually owned a C3 81’ and C4 84’ for a number of years until he needed to get a more practical vehicle for a family.  Back in 2012 my father purchased his first Corvette, C5 98' Black, manual, coupe, and joined Bay State Corvette Club.  Throughout the years I attended car shows with him and different functions and got to know many of the wonderful members and the "Corvette Family".  The Bay State Corvette Club members have always been so welcoming, accepting, friendly and kind.  The club is very diverse in age, race, and gender.  It does not have that "Men Only" vibe you get from other clubs.  Women can own corvettes too, and so in July of 2016, my Mother and I decided to purchase our first Corvette together, a C5 98' Torch Red, coupe.  Honestly, it really was a coincidence, we were not planning on getting the same year as my father, it just happened that way, but on the other hand, I finally became an official BSCC member.  We eventually named him Clifford "CLFFRD"! 

Back in 2017 I participated in my first Drag Race with the club and in 2019 I drove in my first Autocross.  I am also looking forward to going on the 2019 25th Anniversary Cruise to Bowling Green, KY to the Corvette Museum and Plant and driving on the new track they built down there.

In 2017 I became the Bay State Corvette Club's Social Director and have arranged or helped other members arrange different social functions throughout the year, such as cruises to different locations throughout New England, weekend getaway trips to Maine, CT, Go-Karting, Bowling, pace laps at different tracks etc.  We are a very social club and we do this all on top of our other annual functions that the club hosts.  At the beginning of every season I produce a calendar of car events to the club members that include any BSCC sanctioned event as well as known cars and coffee, daily cruise nights, and other car functions, shows, charity events, meets, drag races, etc.  For new owners, this is helpful because sometimes, you are not quite sure which events are worth going to.  As the Social Director I welcome suggestions, feedback and input from our members for events to add to the calendar as well as possible social functions because we have members that live as far north as New Hampshire, as south as Cape Cod and Rhode Island and as far west as Worcester and beyond, so knowing what is available in and around the towns where our members live is extremely helpful.  I also will send out monthly updates to our members via email, regarding upcoming events.

In 2018, my mother and I decided to trade up and now we own a C6 05' Machine Silver, automatic, coupe, named Quicksilver "KWIKAG" (AG = Periodic Symbol for Silver).

It truly is a wonderful group of people to get to know, hang out with, talk shop, bounce ideas off of, etc.  We are more than a club, we really are a family.

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