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National Corvette Museum

From the Ambassador

The National Corvette Museum wants to be an outreach to all the clubs.  They would like to have an Ambassador from every club.  They want to be a source for information, training and enjoyment for the only true American Sports Car.

When you read through the Motor Sports Park site, they talk about the High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE) school, Autocross Experience, and more.  This track was created for all Corvette enthusiasts and for anyone else that has a passion for seeing what their cars can do. 

It’s also to provide a venue for national races to come to Bowling Green.  They are building garages, grand stands, control tower, gas station and more.  When the 25th Anniversary of the Museum comes up in 2019 and the Caravans from all over the country come together in celebration again, I hope to be part of it again and take my car out on the track.  

I was there for the initial opening in 2014 but there was so much to do and see that first time.  I did not have time to wait to get on the track.  The next time I go, that will be the first thing I do and everything else will take a back seat.  

Please check out the links above to the websites for the NCM and for the Motor Sports Park.

Don Basque - NCM Ambassador

Club Calendar of Events

Please note that this calendar only lists club sponsored events.  BSCC members will receive timely updates via E-mail for non-club car related events. If you are not a BSCC member and would like additional information on all of this season's events, please contact Andy at You can also find additional events on our Facebook page.

Please note that the club does not schedule regular business meetings during the summer, instead, holding brief meeting updates during our summer cookouts. 

Due to the current limitations related to COVID 19, our club has had to adjust accordingly. Please follow our webpage or Facebook page for updates. 

Fortunately, we have been granted our 4 autocross dates for 2021. They are: 
Sunday, April 18th
Saturday, June 5th
Sunday, August 8th
Sunday, October 10th

Please check out our competition page for details. 

Registration for each autocross will open about a month prior to each event. As soon as the links are available, they will be posted here, as well as on our Facebook page. Events usually sell out about a week prior to each event. 

We recently had our 1st club cruise of the season, taking the back roads to the Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center in Grafton. Our caravan was led by retired officer Jack Crawford, who led us in a 1978 State Police Cruiser. 

Upcoming events for May and June:
Saturday, May 8th, cruise to CJ's Northside Grill in Framingham
Sunday, May 30th, attend Musclepalooza at  Lebanon Valley Dragway in West Lebanon, NY.
Saturday, Jue 5th, our 2nd 2021 autocross at Devens
Saturday, June 12th, cruise to the Newport Auto Museum in Portsmouth, RI.

As more events are planned, they will be added. Please check out our Facebook page. Contact Andy at for more detailed information on any club events. 

This is where you will find our calendar of events and Corvette related news.

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Bay State Corvette Club Members at Patriot Place 

Don Basque is our BSCC Ambassador to the NCM.

Read all about it in the article to the right, and visit the websites he suggests.

Photos courtesy of the NCM.  For more views and copyright information, visit the site by clicking these words.

On the eighth day, God created Mid-Engined Corvette. Certain Mesoamerican cultures offered the still-beating hearts of human sacrifices to Mid-Engined Corvette. Medieval Europeans believed that Mid-Engined Corvette’s horn could cure all maladies. It is said that Kublai Khan kept in his personal zoo at Xanadu a Mid-Engined Corvette of exceptional splendor. The phrase “mid-engined Corvette” means “goat sucker” in Spanish, owing to the thing’s propensity to drink the blood of livestock. Inside the briefcase from Pulp Fiction? Mid-Engined Corvette.

Mid-Engined Corvette has always been with us, even when it totally didn’t exist. And short of a few concept vehicles over the decades, it has never existed beyond the realm of folklore, the occasional conspiracy theory, and the fever dreams of automotive journalists.

But as it is written, so it shall be. Mid-Engined Corvette is real, and you’ll see the official, genuine article next spring. And no, Chevy isn’t playing any games with the terminology: The engine will be bolted between the occupants and the rear wheels. Those expecting a carbon-fiber spaceship powered by an antimatter machine will be somewhat disappointed.