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Autocross is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe, low-cost competition and active participation. An autocross is a timed competition where drivers navigate one at a time through a temporary course marked by traffic cones, rather than racing on a track with multiple other cars, as in road racing or oval racing. 

Autocross tends to place more emphasis on car handling and driver skill than on sheer horsepower, and events typically have many classes which allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built vehicles, to compete. 

Speeds are slower in absolute terms when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large number of elements packed into each course. 

Autocross courses are typically 40 to 70 seconds in length. In addition to being a national-level motorsport in its own right, autocrossing is a good way to learn skills that transfer to road racing, as drivers learn vehicle control and club ethics.

The link below is to an excellent video, extremely well edited, which will give you an idea of the feel of the event, the speed, the camaraderie, created by members of the PCA.


All participating vehicles must street registered and have a valid state inspection sticker. 


Directions: Devens Commerce Center, Ayer MA 


The gate is located off 2A in Ayer (Approximately 90 Fitchburg Road, Ayer MA), a little north of Route 2 and West of Route 495. 

Both directions converge at a Rotary in Ayer at the junctions of routes 110, 111, and 2A. 

There is a Ford dealer (Gervais), a Wendy's, and a McDonald's at this rotary. 


From Route 495: 

Take exit 30, route 2A and 110, West toward Ayer. 

Proceed 4 miles to rotary. 


From Route 2: 

Take exit 38B, route 110 and 111, North toward Ayer. 

Proceed 2 1/4 miles to rotary. 


From the rotary: 

proceed west on routes 2A and 111. 

This will take you to Ayer center, and at about one mile routes 2A and 111 turn right; so will you. 

Proceed past Bishop Road (old entrance) on the left. 


Stay on Rt 2A which forks to the left for approx another mile. 

The north entrance to the airstrip is on the left. 

There should be a sign marking the entrance. 

There are motorcycle driving classes on the lower lot to the right as you enter. 

Our event is up the hill to the left. 

Look for the person with the waivers at the top of the hill. 


There are a Dunkin Donuts and a Cumberland Farms between the Ayer center and the gate and there are gas stations along the route as well. 


You can find Moore Army Air Strip in Google maps just north of Ayer center. 


Google Map <<== Click Here


The entrance is right behind the tower on the north side of the site 


NOTE the *only* Services available at the site are porta-potties.